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Spice Route Logo Andover

About Us

Welcome to Spice Route Andover. Led by a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs, the spice route focuses on Authentic Indian cuisine with subtle and complex flavours, yet light on the stomach. The specially designed menu is crafted with care. It promises to delight our guests with the best of Indian cuisine, capturing delicious and unforgettable flavours of Southers and Northern regions of India.


Spice Route's wide range of menu items is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and seasoned with home-ground spices.


Bursting with authentic flavours, each meal at the restaurant can be perfectly complemented with homemade pickles and preserves and a range of signature drinks and desserts with their own distinctive flavours.

Our experienced Chefs present a creative and authentic Indian cuisine menu, resulting from their number of years of work experience in India and the UK with renowned restaurants.

With highly trained staff providing engaging table service and personalised attention, the friendly and efficient ambience is ideal for all occasions like a family gathering, a business meeting, or just an intimate dinner for two.


The setting is contemporary, casual and inviting, allowing guests to enjoy the experience and create their own special moments. Please relax and enjoy our food and service At Spice Route and experience a tale of authentic Indian flavours and spices.

Well, certainly it isn’t just another curry house !!! “ Ideal place to try something new if you are an Asian foodie. “

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